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Paying out of pocket for your medical bills?

Many people settle for less than they can get, simply because they are misinformed or unaware of their options. As a result, they aren’t receiving the best care - which would otherwise be available to them for free.

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Find out if you qualify for Medicaid

Book a consultation with one of our experts. We will then assess your case and the steps involved in making you or your loved one eligible for Medicaid.

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Worried about what the future holds for you and your health?

The future can be daunting. And without the right planning, it can be downright life-threatening. Healthcare can be expensive and exhaust you of your hard-earned savings.

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Feel reassured with the right expert advice

Our experts will take the lead and give you the right information about what Medicaid services you can be covered for. We can offer you additional ways to save money by enrolling you or your loved one in a Medicare Savings Program.

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Exhausted by the overwhelming Medicaid paperwork?

A Medicaid application can be a tedious process due to all the red tape - especially if you are not updated and informed on any current changes in the regulations.

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Let our Medicaid consultants do the work

We handle the most complex applications in the most efficient manner, and handhold you every step of the way - so you don’t have to get lost in all the paperwork.


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“Dad is 98, has Parkinsons and you guys have been paying out of pocket for home care?"

“I am so happy, this is the best news I’ve had the year because I was worried.”

“The goal of Medicaid is to come in and to pick up any copays or any services that are not covered under Medicare or your other health insurances.”

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