Hi David,
I just wanted to let you know that I just looked at my mail and I got a very nice surprise! I received my in-laws Medicaid cards from you. How about that! My Heart goes out to you, David. Thank you very much… you're the man!
Barry Bloomfield

The purpose of this letter is to express my gratitude and sincere appreciation for all the assistance provided by both David Taub and Avi Binet with the placement of my sister, Della Hill, back into her residence.
We encountered some challenging days, but with the perseverance and assistance from each of you, Della's placement into her residence became a reality. Both Della and her family members are ecstatic for her to be home again. I will certainly recommend White Glove Consulting to others.
Again, a special thanks to each of you for a job well done.
Joe A. Hill

Harbor Care has been working with White Glove Consulting to get our patients on to Medicaid services. White Glove Consulting is very successful in helping our Patient's receive immediate Medicaid services. Their work ethic and meticulousness makes getting approved for Medicaid a swift process for our patients. I recommend White Glove Consulting to anyone trying to get approved for Medicaid services.
Alex Kiss Director of Operations
Harbor Care Home Care

As the administrator of United Community Services Pooled Income Trust Fund, I highly recommend White Glove Consulting as a Medicaid Facilitator. White Glove Consulting provides excellent service to the health care industry and the community by assisting individuals who require Medicaid services. They are quick and efficient and will take on case that others find too difficult to handle.

Over the past several years, White glove Consulting has submitted many pooled trusts to our organization. All their applications have been detailed and thorough, and we have never found the need to reject or delay a trust due to incomplete paperwork. White Glove has always followed through to insure their client's applications are sped through the system.
Shlomo Torn Executive Director
United Community Services

Avi is a very intelligent and caring individual. He always goes the extra mile for his clients and colleagues. He is among the best at what he does and never leaves room for failure. He has outstanding talent that can really make a difference in any organization. He is an excellent businessman where pleasing the client is always his primary goal.
John Hepworth
Executive Administrator, Personal Touch Home Care

It is with great privilege that I write this recommendation for Avi Binet and White Glove Consulting. I have found Avi to be a pleasant, generous person who is always available to help his clients and our agency. He has been a very valuable colleague. I find him to be an organized and detail oriented person.
Avi is an independent, self directed person who is able to communicate effectively and meet all required deadlines. During our two years of working together White Glove Consulting has given the agency numerous referrals with pending Medicaid applications. All applications processed by White Glove Consulting have been approved by HRA. White Glove Consulting has also assisted many of our clients with The Pooled Income Trust. All of which have always been approved in a timely manner. White Glove Consulting always followed through and monitored the progress of all requests submitted. Finalizing all accounts, proper documentation was always given to our agency for confirmation of acceptance from Medicaid.
I highly recommend Avi Binet and White Glove Consulting. He is a team player, a great person and extremely knowledgeable.
Danielle Muchnikoff
Medicaid Coordinator
Prime Home Health Services

Avi Binet's kind spirit, attention to detail and knowledge of the Medicaid system made an otherwise overwhelming process a lot less stressful.
Allison Barksdale,
Senior Producer, Entertainment Studios.